Salaam Winter 2019
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issue #8

Salaam Winter 2019



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Magazine Content

  • Asiya’s pearls; Asiya explains the meaning of as-Samad to Meryem
  • Brownie- the traveler cat- visits Kenya
  • Animal with the longest lifespan and more fascinating animals facts
  • How about your teeth? What is plaque and cavity? You are going to learn a lot from your dental hygienist
  • Who wants to be a cardiologist? Interview with cardiologist Ozlem Bilen #cardiologistmomm
  • Rogy is so sick! Tarik and Rogy travel to #ibnisina , #Avicenna to cure Rogy
  • brain puzzles, hadith puzzle, prophet crossword and many more
  • At salaam magazine winter edition.