Salaam Spring 2024 (Free Ramadan stickers)
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issue #25

Salaam Spring 2024 (Free Ramadan stickers)



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Magazine Content

In this issue three overarching topics are;

The Architect Animals in STEM,
respect to elders in good manners,
and Silatul Rahim in Islamic knowledge. Let’s see what else:The Most Rewarding Ramadan Game

  • The Most Rewarding Ramadan Game
  • Asiya, Mariam and Safiya learn Allah's (SWT) name Al Wahhab.
  • Allah (SWT) has created all the animals with unique abilities. Do you know some of the animals build their nest with a precise measurement? The architect animals are in Salaam Spring!
  • Adel, her sister, and her mother live in a tent because of the attack on Gaza. A beautiful Palestinian story “The Generous Hearts” open our hearts to feel them closer, inshaAllah.
  • Brownie, the traveler cat, catches Blue Tears in Malaysia!
  • “My awesome table manners” is so fun to learn the sunnah way while eating.
  • Ms. Sunnyside explains why it is a great virtue to respect elders.
  • Find the right Asmaul Husna to find your way in the labyrinth.
  • Easy iftar recipes, light pollution, mindfulness time, Tarik and Rogy comics, and many entertaining puzzles and comics are all in Salaam Spring Edition. Have a blessed Ramadan, friends. Get your copy and gift one to your friends!