Salaam Magazine is a quarterly magazine for children between 6-12 year olds. It is a great scientific and Islamic source for children, parents and teachers. Most articles are prepared and reviewed by the experts in their corresponding fields. Visit Salaam Magazine YouTube Channel to learn more!

Salaam Spring Edition is ready to go!

  •  Let’s see what’s inside;
    ⭐️ Are you ready for Ramadan? Don’t worry! Salaam Ramadan calendar, puzzles, comics, recipes and craft will help you be ready for the blessed month of Ramadan.
    ⭐️Your super computer is here! It’s me, brain.
    ⭐️Asiya’s Pearls, Allah(swt) is As Sabur
    ⭐️Can earth’s water be exhausted?
    ⭐️Is patience a virtue? Neuroscientist Ms. Chessick explains the virtue and patience.
    ⭐️My Beloved Prophet, His (PBUH) patience
    ⭐️Are you ready to meet the symbol of peace and friendship? Giant Pandas!
    ⭐️Brownie, the traveler cat, travels to Cape Town, South Africa. You will be amazed by the beauty of South Africa!
    ⭐️Lila congrats Happy World Health Day of her nurse mom!
    ⭐️Tarik and Rogy are solving Zotto’s anger problem. They ask Mawlana Jalaladdin Rumi for help!
    ⭐️Experiment, recipes, craft, puzzles, comics, Nasreddin Hodja, growth mindset activity, and many more in Salaam Spring’s colorful pages


Salaam Winter 2020

  • What do you wonder about space? The answers are in Salaam Winter Edition! Our home in space, the ISS, Space travel from flies to mankind, weird life of astronauts and more. How about space basketball with LeBron James!
  • Reaching the stars with Dr. Burcin Mutlu Pakdil. Interviewing her teaches us what is astrophysicist and what they do.
  • Space Junk, do we even pollute space?
  • Are we born smart or not? Ms. Chessick answers the question and explains the growth mindset.
  • My Beloved Prophet, He (PBUH) persisted!
  • A natural born leader; Roosters!
  • Did you know elements also have fingerprints? Eren’s Lab explains how scientists identify the elements in galaxies.
  • Moving from one city to another is not easy as it seems. My Wild and Crazy Move is an amazing story to help you adjust.
  • Tarik and Rogy dive into a new adventure with Burcin Mutlu Pakdil. They all meet with Mariam al-Asturlabi.
  • and much much more

About Us

About Us

One day, Esra N. Sula, her daughter and five friends came together to prepare an Eid gift for children. After some brainstorming, they decided on putting together a magazine that is not only fun to read, but educational. With a little bit of motivation and inspiration, they successfully launched 1st issue in June 2017.

Over time, Salaam has become a team of teens working with experts to explore important subjects, while growing more comfortable with their religious identity. Salaam team aim to inspire a generation of children who value good ethics and demonstrate great manners taught in Islam through our own form of media.

You love Salaam Magazine as much as they do, inshaAllah!

Salaam Team

Meet Our Team

Production Team

  • Esra Nur Sula, Founder, BS and MS in Architecture
  • Fatma Zehra Sula, Editor, student of Psychology at RIT
  • Micheal Alan Mancini, Senior Editor, Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and English writing, a recipient of the Clarence Amann Award in Creative Writing, and has served as an English, essay writing tutor at the undergraduate college level.
  • Adnan Sarikabak, Graphic Designer
  • Huseyin T. Sula, IT
  • Omer Said Cagdir, Comic Author and Illustrator
  • Arzu Nur, Puzzle Designer and Illustrator
  • Hafsa Cagdir, Illustrator

Contributor Writers and Experts

  • Amy A. Ay, PhD in Chemistry
  • Bilgenur Sirin, BA in Psychology, BS in Brain and Cognitive Science
  • Hannah Bayram, Nurse Practitioner
  • Lisa C. Costanzo, BS in Special Education, MS in Elementary Education, PhD in Bilingual Education
  • Karuna Riazi, MG Author
  • Nahida Esmail, BS in Psychology and MS in Child Development with Early Childhood Education at the  University of London. She is an award-winning author of four young adult novels and ten children’s picture books. Her novels have all received CODE’s Burt Award for African Literature. In 2015, she was honored with the Tanzania Women’s Achievement Award in the Education category.
  • Semra Coban, BS and MS in Architecture
  • Stevie Welch, Registered Nurse

Our readers say…

Their work is amazing! With each issue being thicker and more professional than the preceding issue. These are truly students we can be proud of and in talking with them, they have set some loft goals for themselves. I’m so glad I had a chance to meet these wonderful young people!
Bill Moehle
Brighton Town Supervisor

Salaam Magazine has been an incredible resource for my six year old son. The articles and activities enable him to learn about Islam while encouraging him to ask questions about the material. It’s fun to read and he looks forward to each issue. Thank you Salaam Magazine for this wonderful publication!
Hope Ali
RN, Parent

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