ICNA-MAS Convention 2023 Baltimore
Salaam Magazine The 1st Islamic Children’s
Magazine in the USA
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ICNA-MAS Convention 2023 Baltimore

BY Salaam Magazine

ICNA-MAS Convention 2023 Baltimore

Salaam Magazine team went on a second adventure at the Baltimore ICNA-MAS Convention, and around 35,000 people joined this year! Our team was mesmerized to see so many new faces and our old friends as well. Yes, that's right! We met our subscribers from last year, and they were very proud of our magazine once again. Our new Salaam Magazine subscribers also appreciated our hard work and agreed that we are the first Islamic children's magazine that offers a variety of topics to their children in a fun way. Some people also checked our magazine to donate it to weekend schools, mosques, and libraries. Everyone was thrilled to see our high-quality Salaam cups, bracelets, t-shirts, keychains, dolls, and pencil pouches. Most importantly, we could see many children's beautiful smiles around the arena filled with our Salaam balloons and tote bags. Our magazine achieved a memorable nickname of "Islamic Highlights" where most teachers and parents wished that they had Salaam Magazine meanwhile growing up in America. Overall, this convention succeeded in our goal of making families and children smile brightly and cheerfully again.