Salaam Summer 2021
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issue #14

Salaam Summer 2021



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In this issue our three major topics are in STEM-3D technology, in good manners-sharing, and in Islamic knowledge-Kaaba.

Let’s look closer to see what is inside:

  • Asiya and Mariam meet with little Saffiya. They understand Allah’s (SWT) beautiful name Al Quddus together.
  • 3D Printing Technology is everywhere in our life. Do you ever wonder what kind of things you can do with 3D printing? What about printing your lost LEGO piece? Maybe in the near future we will eat 3D printed chocolate!
  • The beautiful creation of Allah (SWT), Elegant Turns! Did you know that these beautiful birds are also a highly vulnerable species? Let’s see what else!
  • Turning trash into fertilizer! Composting is one excellent solution to save our environment and have healthier plants.
  • Lila celebrates National Aunt and Uncle’s Day and explains Silatur Rahim. This lovely little girl’s adventure is waiting for you readers.
  • Does a monkey jump in your mind? Me, too! Meet with Ms. Sunnyside, learn what to do and enjoy her garden.
  • My beloved prophet’s understanding of sharing.
  • Let’s learn about our dear Kaaba! With a beautiful Kaaba poster is ready to take out and stick on your wall.
  • Salaam’s new character, Jinan is so excited to show you her book. The book is about prophet’s lives and it helps her solve daily problems. You will love this sweet Pakistani girl!
  • We know you can hardly wait for Tarik and Rogy’s new adventure. Come and join them and meet with Al Biruni who was a famous scholar and polymath in the 11th century.
  • Summertime recipes, Kabaa trivia craft, puzzles, Father’s Day game, interesting facts about the White House, Nasreddin Hodja, Comics, contest and much more all in Salaam’s joyful pages!