Salaam Spring 2021
Salaam Magazine The 1st Islamic Children’s
Magazine in the USA
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issue #13

Salaam Spring 2021



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Magazine Content

Let’s see what’s inside;
  • Are you ready for Ramadan? Don’t worry! Salaam Ramadan calendar, puzzles, comics, recipes and craft will help you be ready for the blessed month of Ramadan.
  • Your super computer is here! It’s me, brain.
  • Asiya’s Pearls, Allah(swt) is As Sabur
  • Can earth’s water be exhausted?
  • Is patience a virtue? Neuroscientist Ms. Chessick explains the virtue and patience.
  • My Beloved Prophet, His (PBUH) patience
  • Are you ready to meet the symbol of peace and friendship? Giant Pandas!
  • Brownie, the traveler cat, travels to Cape Town, South Africa. You will be amazed by the beauty of South Africa!
  • Lila congrats Happy World Health Day of her nurse mom!
  • Tarik and Rogy are solving Zotto’s anger problem. They ask Mawlana Jalaladdin Rumi for help!
  • Experiment, recipes, craft, puzzles, comics, Nasreddin Hodja, growth mindset activity, and many more in Salaam Spring’s colorful pages

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