Salaam Spring 2022
Salaam Magazine The 1st Islamic Children’s
Magazine in the USA
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issue #17

Salaam Spring 2022



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Magazine Content

Salaam Spring Edition’s three overarching topics are: Coding, determination, and Qur'an.

Let's see what's inside!

  •  Asiya, Mariam and little Safiya discover Allah’s (SWT) beautiful name Al Mateen
  • What does coding? Why we need to code? Let’s code with Eren, guys.
  • So interesting Ramadan traditions all over the world!
  • Let's discover enchanting Egypt with Brownie, the traveler cat. 
  • What should Adam do with his old keyboard? Learn about e-waste!
  • Salaam’s sweet character, Jinan, solves the ants problem with Prophet Sulaiman (AS)
  • My Beloved Prophet- His determination
  • Tarik and Rogy’s breathtaking and fun adventure with al-Kindi.
  • Ramadan special recipes, craft time, puzzles, comedy channel, comics and more all in Salaam’s joyful pages!