Salaam Spring 2023
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issue #21

Salaam Spring 2023



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Salaam Friends,

Ramadan is cominnnggg!

How about getting ready with Salaam Magazine Ramadan edition? Yesss!

Three overarching topics in this issue are cool robots, selflessness, and Zakat Al Fitr.

Do you wonder what else is inside? Let’s see!

*Discover Allah's (SWT) beautiful name Al Adl with a sweet story from Asiya’s Pearls.

* Rob-awe-tics friends are so cool!! 

* Learn Zakat Al Fitr and build the bridge of love.

*Mindfulness activity

*Happywood Neighborhood is so excited for the first Ramadan kids' iftar! *Lovely Ramadan puzzles!

* Ramadan bingo, cartoons, craft and recipes, and suhoor comics.

* Tarik and Rogy's fun and breathtaking adventure with the father of robotics, Al Jazari.

*Jinan solves her problem with Noah’s (AS) extraordinary story.

*A heartwarming story about our beloved prophet’s (PBUH) selflessness.

*Psychologist Ms.Sunnyside answers your question about being selfless when helping others.

* Lila’s Notebook, environment, science, and many entertaining puzzles and pages are all in Salaam Ramadan.