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Salaam Summer 2023



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Salaam Friends,

It’s Summertime!

Salaam Team is ready to start summer with the Salaam Magazine Summer edition.

Three overarching topics in this issue are Miracles of our lungs, keeping our promise, and Sunnahs of Eid.

Let’s dive into the magazine to see what else is inside of it!

A heartwarming story of Asiya’s Pearls explains Allah's (SWT) beautiful name Al Qarib. Get on the spaceship and go on a journey to the miracles of our lungs.

Cutie, the bird, is so curious to learn the sunnahs of Eid with Hassan. Let’s follow her. Do you have a plan to visit museums? Must-see museums of the US in this edition!

Tarik and Rogy meet with Abu Bakr ar-Razi. Jinan solves her problem with Shu’ayb (AS) story.

Why do I have to keep my promises? Psychologist Ms.Sunnyside answers your question. Save the trees, Eren’s smog in the jar experiment, healthy and easy recipes, DIY, and many entertaining puzzles and comics are all in Salaam Summer Edition.

Enjoy your Summer with Salaam, my friend!

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