Salaam Winter 2020
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issue #12

Salaam Winter 2020



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Magazine Content

  • What do you wonder about space? The answers are in Salaam Winter Edition! Our home in space, the ISS, Space travel from flies to mankind, weird life of astronauts and more. How about space basketball with LeBron James!
  • Reaching the stars with Dr. Burcin Mutlu Pakdil. Interviewing her teaches us what is astrophysicist and what they do.
  • Space Junk, do we even pollute space?
  • Are we born smart or not? Ms. Chessick answers the question and explains the growth mindset.
  • My Beloved Prophet, He (PBUH) persisted!
  • A natural born leader; Roosters!
  • Did you know elements also have fingerprints? Eren’s Lab explains how scientists identify the elements in galaxies.
  • Moving from one city to another is not easy as it seems. My Wild and Crazy Move is an amazing story to help you adjust.
  • Tarik and Rogy dive into a new adventure with Burcin Mutlu Pakdil. They all meet with Mariam al-Asturlabi.
  • and much much more