Salaam Winter 2022
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issue #20

Salaam Winter 2022



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Salaam Magazine Winter Edition is ready to go!

As always, there are three overarching topics in this issue: cats, cleanliness and wudu.

Do you wonder what’s inside of this issue? Here are a few of the contents:

*Asiya, Mariam and Safiya discover Allah’s (SWT) beautiful name Al Fattaah

* Sur Paw Zing Cats 🐈

* Cleaning with wudu

*Allah (SWT) is Al Quddus

* I cannot breathe! Stop polluting the air!

* Tarık and Rogy’s fun and amazing adventure with the well known people in the past issues.

*Lila has a gift, the sweetest cat, Cupcake

*Jinan solves her problem with Yusuf (AS) story

*My beloved prophet (PBUH) was clean. Find out his beautiful manners in the heartwarming story.

* Recipes, comics, craft, and many entertaining puzzles are all in Salaam’s joyful pages.

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