Salaam Summer 2019
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issue #6

Salaam Summer 2019



Magazine Content

  • Meat-asticccc!- crazy scientific development, lab-grown meat 🥩 😱
  • Noo-ozone hole (keep our planet safe please)
  • My Beloved Prophet -His Eids
  • Asiya’s pearls, the Beautiful Names of Allah (swt)
  • Heart electricity ❤️
  • Therapist Ms. Chessick answers: What is Down syndrome? Is excluding ok?
  • Bird feeder for craft lovers🦜
  • Tarik and Rogy travel to meet with the first flying man, Abbas ibn Firnas, history with comic strips
  • Homeroom, a memory from Mike’s first Eid after converting to Islam
  • Eid and summer puzzles, easy peasy summer smootie, Chico’s planner for summer important days and more
  • in Salaam #6