Salaam Fall 2019
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issue #7

Salaam Fall 2019



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Magazine Content

  • The strongest Neodymium magnets and more about magnetism
  • Two joyful girls, Asiya and Mariam, are meeting again. Allah’s (swt) beautiful name er-Rahman is in Asiya’s Pearls
  • Nahida Esmail has written about Tanzania and Tanzania’s schools for Salaam readers. Learn Mwaija and Feisal’s daily routine.
  • Do you know Piri Reis? He was a famous geographer and cartographer that drew one of the first world atlas’ that included the Americas. Tarik and Rogy are having a Jurassic adventure with him!
  • Find the answer with Umar about screen time limits?
  • Do you know about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? See how small things become a huge problems.
  • Eren teaches us how to make homemade plastic! No worries! It is the healthiest plastic😊
  • November 9th is Mawlid al-Nabi. My Beloved Prophet: Blessed Baby
  • And more in our 52-page fall edition!
  • Have fun with Salaam