Salaam Winter 2021
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issue #16

Salaam Winter 2021



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As always, there are three overarching topics in Salaam Winter/2021 issue. These topics are: Green Buildings (STEM), being courageous (good manner), and Du’a (Islamic knowledge). Let's see what's inside!

  • Asiya, Mariam and little Saffiya, discover Allah’s (SWT) beautiful name Al Jabbar

* How can a building be “Green”? No, not green painted buildings! Nope, not the building with many bushes and trees! Find out in Salaam’s pages, guys!

* Why is du’a important in all Muslim’s lives?

* Brownie, the traveler cat, visits Thailand, The Land of Smiles. 

* Ms. Sunnyside explains the characteristics of someone who is courageous.

* Salaam’s sweet character, Lila, celebrates National Make a Friend Day!

* My Beloved Prophet- His courage (SAW)

* Have you ever heard of the Zero-Waste Movement?

* Jinan got lost in the dark and found her way with Prophet Yunus (AS).

* Tarik and Rogy’s new adventure with environmentalist Fazlun Khalid

* caramel popcorn recipe, craft time, puzzles, comedy channel, books, and more all in Salaam’s joyful pages!