Salaam Fall 2023
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issue #23

Salaam Fall 2023



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Here is the colorful Fall season and colorful Salaam Magazine!

Three overarching topics in this issue are; color-changing leaves in STEM, learning to not be wasteful as good manners, and the matter of wastefulness in Islamic knowledge. Let’s see what else is inside of it!

*Asiya’s Pearls explains Allah's (SWT) beautiful name Al Nur. 

*Falling in love with colorful trees; color changing in Fall. 

*Say NOOO to israf. We’ll learn what israf is in detail.

*Our friend Ishak teaches us beautiful manners. Let's meet him.

*Am I wasteful or mindful? Test yourself.

*Tarik and Rogy’s adventure with Imam Al Bukhari.

*Fall festivals are the best! Help Zeeshan solve the problems at the festival. 

*Brownie, the traveler cat, is now in Vietnam. Fly with him!

*Eren’s Lab, recipes, mindfulness, DIY, and many entertaining puzzles and comics are all in Salaam Fall Edition.