Salaam Summer 2020
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issue #10

Salaam Summer 2020



Magazine Content

  • Asiya and Mariam’s heartwarming story explains The Beautiful Name of Allah(SWT), Al-Haleem
  • What is Minecraft?
  • Why are the world’s lungs on fire? Forest Fires: cause, effect, and solutions
  • Animals endangered due to forest fires
  • Ms. Chessick explains empathy: whose shoes?
  • Allah’s (swt) amazing creatures Dogs; you will not believe the fascinating abilities they have! Am I sick Dogtor?
  • Our beloved Prophet’s (pbuh) great sense of Empathy
  • One on one with Anisa Diab on mental health
  • Tarik and Rogy jump into the Minecraft world, but they need help. Al-Khwarizmi and Muhammad Ali came to the rescue!
  • Learn Dhul Hijjah and celebrate Eid al-Adha with puzzles!
  • Eren’s Lab, the fastest pizza, Eid gift idea, comedy channel
  • and many more in Salaam Magazine summer edition.
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