Salaam Winter 2023 (Free 2024 Calendar)
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issue #24

Salaam Winter 2023 (Free 2024 Calendar)



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Brrr! Cold and snowy winter is here. Good news! We prepared a cozy magazine to warm you up during this time. Alhamdulillah Salaam Winter Edition is ready to go!

Our three overarching topics are the fascinating world of water in STEM, uttering nice words as good manners, and the holy books in Islamic knowledge. Are you curious about the rest? Here are only a couple of them:

 *Learn Allah (SWT) is Al Hakeem with a heartwarming story of Asiya’s Pearls.

 *There are many kinds of water in the world and we only wrote about a few of them. How amazing!

 *Do you know where Namibia is? Brownie, the traveler cat, explores Namibia. 

 *Dive into the past with Salaam's history pages - Guaranteed to spark your curiosity and make learning history a fun experience! You will be amazed at the time travel of water delivery systems over the years.

*The dance of water and colors! Interview with Ebru artist, Hikmet Barutcugil.

 *Ms. Sunnyside explains why it is a great responsibility to speak nicely to others.

 *The best winter day at Icewish Lake. You’ll love the winter fun puzzle.  

 *Winter fiesta, mindfulness time, DIY, adventures of Tarik and Rogy, and many entertaining puzzles and comics are all in Salaam Winter Edition.