Salaam Fall 2022
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issue #19

Salaam Fall 2022



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Yayyy! Salaam Magazine Fall Edition is ready to go!
In this issue, the three overarching topics are sports, being active, and salat.
Do you ever wonder what's inside this issue? Here are some clues:
Asiya, Mariam, and Safiya discover Allah's (SWT) beautiful name Al Muakhkir Salaam’s cute character, Brownie traveled to Marvelous Morocco. You will fall in love with this country❤️
Hey friends! Your big sister Maryam Amir is with us. We interviewed her and learned her secrets about the Qur'an and Taekwondo🥋 People race to break the world record every year. The amazing animals already passed us 🙃 The fastest runner, the heaviest lifter, the deepest diver, and many more in Salaam Fall nature pages.
Habib loves to perform salat. Today, he has questions. Follow Jamilah and Habib to find the answer to his questions. The environment matters, guys! Let's learn how we can save Pablo, the polar bear 🐻‍❄️
Our beloved prophet (PBUH) was an active person. Discover it with the sweet story in Salaam. Dietician sister Hande explains what should we do to maintain a healthy body. You will love her yummy recipes 😋
What's happening inside of our body? Discover our muscles with Saleh! How can we pray while we are so busy? You will find the answer while reading Tarik and Rogy's fun and breathtaking adventure with the NBA player Hakeem Olajuwon.
* You will fall from the couch with comics and tease your brain with puzzles! Many fun pages are waiting for you, friends! Don't miss this edition.