Salaam Spring 2020
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issue #9

Salaam Spring 2020



Magazine Content

  • Who wants to play in a plants and zombies theme park? Salaam searched around the world for the most interesting playgrounds. They are so cool!
  • Ramadan is coming! Do you have any plans for it? We have some ideas for you!
  • Why do flowers have different colors? Join Eren’s Lab, make a red cabbage pH indicator and observe it!
  • For craft lovers, we have an origami trivia game about Ramadan.
  • Asiya’s pearls, Beautiful Names of Allah (SWT), Ar-Razzaq
  • How does nature guide us? Dragonfly to the helicopter, mollusk to the submarine, you will see the inspiration and maybe be inspired yourself.
  • Brownie, the traveler cat, visits Bakari and spends the last days of Ramadan and celebrates Eid in Zanzibar.
  • Tarik and Rogy, Galactic Grand Prix, meet with Banu Musa Brothers’. Come along with them for this one great adventure!
  • Food waste is a big deal in the current day. Learn some interesting facts about food waste and help stop it.
  • This time, Little Chef’s in the kitchen for a great iftar dinner! How about Meringue Cookies and healthy appetizers?
  • Puzzles! Match the shapes and colors to find the hadith. Find the meaning of Surah al-Ikhlas, Eid themed sudoku and more in Salaam's fun and colorful pages.
  • Have a wonderful month of Rajab everyone!