Salaam Fall 2020
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issue #11

Salaam Fall 2020



Magazine Content

  • Celebrating All Colors! We are all different colors in one palette, all part of one beautiful painting.
  • Salaam searched around the world for marvelous Mosques. We are sure you would like to visit these mosques one day.
  • Why do leaves change the color in fall? Eren teaches us how to measure the light and find out it!
  • Lets learn our beloved prophet's (PBUH) sense of equality with the story of Hazrat Bilal ibn Rabaha (RA).
  • It's me! The Most Popular Virus! Get to know the Coronavirus better, and see the positive effects of it on the environment.
  • Brownie, the traveler cat, visits Greece and is shocked by plate smashing!
  • Tarik and Rogy have to redesign the classroom for coronavirus prevention. They meet with Architect Sinan to ask for help.
  • Asiya's Pearls "ar-Rabb," Puzzles, Comedy channel, Find the Hadith, Little Chef's in the Kitchen, Craft Time, Book, Contest ($20 Amazon gift card for the winners-May Allah(SWT) bless our sponsors) and many more can be found in Salaam's fun and colorful pages.