Children Ask About Death
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Children Ask About Death


Children Ask About Death

It is really hard to explain death to kids. It is so hard to say something after saying” it’s died”.
This summer a bird chick fell down from the tree right in front of my son when he was riding bike. He grabbed it and ran to me. It was alive for five minutes. Looking at us. Then it closed its eyes and never opened again. I was just repeating “please don't die”. We all felt so sad. Kids asked again and again; why?
All living things live and die. All nafs experience death as Allah (SWT) says in the Quran. My kids listened but It didn't dwell their hearts. When we started to talk about paradise, they slowly became still and smiley.
I recognized in their eyes the screams of our souls for eternal life. Our souls have been programmed to aspire for eternal and to live forever. How can it acknowledge death as the end of everything?
I thought it is impossible to calm the souls without the hope of paradise, Jannah. And it is a huge pain and also torment for the souls to believe that death is the End, to be lost forever, the vanish, to become a dirt or to resurrect to a chicken!
We all smiled with the tidings of the Quran, and all the holy books actually, that they all lighten us the darkness of death and the unknown after death. The divine messages heal our soul's inevitability with saying,
”Death is; not an end, not vanishing, not being a dirt and never existing again”.
And add, “It is not the end, in fact, it is the beginning of eternal life. It is returning to our souls’ origin, going back to Home where we belong. It is a step to retrieve God. It is a door to everlasting. It is just lifting up to the next dimension while leaving the worldly heavies, our bodies. And it is an entrance door to a waiting hall before going to Garden, Jannah. And we will be together with our beloved forever.”
Is there any other good news better than that?
Countless thanks for being a believer to God.