Chicago MASICNA Convention 2023
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Chicago MASICNA Convention 2023

BY Salaam Magazine

Chicago MASICNA Convention 2023

Salaam everyone,
My name is Mesude, I am part of the youth team for Salaam Magazine. This year I had the special opportunity to volunteer with Salaam Magazine at the Chicago MASICNA Convention 2023 and it was an unforgettable experience. I felt overjoyed at the opportunity to help out with the magazine I loved and grew up with, and to introduce it to so many families and kids, so they could gain positive experiences through Salaam Magazine just like I did. I was excited to meet some of our previous subscribers as well as some very enthusiastic new subscribers.
While we were there I was able to promote our magazines as well as some of our gift shop items like our mugs and pencil, and our GoFundMe campaign. I had an unforgettable experience and hope to meet all of you in the future.
JazakAllah Khayran,