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There are many kids that are successful in life. Evie Warner is a determined ten-year-old girl who is successful in ice hockey. Let's learn more about her through this interview!

Hi Evie! I heard that you have been playing hockey for a long time.

Yes, I have been playing for almost seven years!

Wow, that's a lot of years! So, what started you on this journey?

Well, when I was kid, I used to watch ice hockey television with my family and I thought it was really cool the way they handled the hockey puck with the stick so I asked my mom if I could try hockey and she said yes. 

Was it ever difficult getting used to it?

Yes, it was pretty difficult. I kept on falling and losing the hockey puck and while I was practicing, I learned that hockey is more effort than it takes, but since I was determined I kept getting better and better from my mistakes.

What is one of your biggest accomplishments?

I participated in an all-girls ice hockey tournament. In this tournament, I competed with the top hundred players ages ten, eleven, and twelve from other countries.

Who motivated you the most?

My biggest motivation is my mom. She is always there; she is always looking for the best teams for me.

How often do you practice?

So, on season days (like winter) on average I practice three times a week but on non-season days I practice once a week. And I have games every weekend.

What do you do when you are at home?

I draw and I also play with my two cats and I watch ice hockey. I also play other sports like soccer and softball.What makes you different from other players?

To finish off the interview, what would you like to say?

I don't only practice on practice day, I practice everyday. Also I always look on the positive side, like whenever we are going to compete against a hard team I always think we are going to win.And I would like to say that when you push yourself to the limits anything can be successful.

Thank you, Evie Warner, it was nice learning more about you!

Thank you, it was nice interviewing with you!